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AX20 Advantex Treatment System AOSS

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We are licensed to inspect septic systems, perform maintenance and file health reports on the operation of private and commercial septic systems in the state of Virginia: 

The service we provide during an inspection is necessary maintenance and testing for the system. This keeps your septic system operating in the designed specifications and keeps your ground water clean. Bio-Filter cleaning, manifold and spray nozzle cleaning, recirculation spliter valve cleaning, turning or cleaning of filter media or peat moss are just some of what is included in some systems inspections. This is part of the normal inspection. Alternative Onsite Septic systems are required by law to have a yearly inspection but pump up systems and standard septic systems can benefit from annual or bi annual inspections. Treating tree roots before they block pipes is a very good idea. Minimizing grease and oils put into the system and not putting any flushable wipes into the system all good ideas to maintain a healthy septic system. 

- We inspect septic systems requiring additional DEQ permits for direct discharge, commercial, rental, and UV light systems.

   We service Brand names such as-

     Advantex, Puraflo, Ecoflo, Multiflo, AquaKlear Presby, Eco-Pod-N, Whitewater, Delta Environmental, Infiltrator, Fast, MicroFast, High Strength Fast, etc.

What we do - 

- We test all the components of your septic system during an Inspection, including operational testing and can also provide needed maintenance on septic systems to keep them running in the design parameters as set by the design and as per state regulations. After the inspection we file reports  with the appropriate state agency and send a copy to the customer for their files.  We also offer consultation about AOSS and conventional septic systems upgrades and repairs and provide real-estate inspections for clients who are purchasing or selling a home. 

Puraflo Peat Pods

We are located in Central Virginia

At the foot of the Peaks of Otter Mountains, 


25 min from Big Island, Va

45 mins from Smith Mountain Lake.

35 mins from Lynchburg, Va.

55 mins from Roanoke, Va.

1 hour+ from Leesville Lake, Va.

1.5 hours from Danville, Va.

2 hours 40 min from Richmond, Va

Advantex Bio Filter - Before and After
Used on AX20 systems and reccomended in general

Inspection, Maintenance and Monitoring Service Agreement

1 year Service Agreement - for Operation and Maintenance

-includes a yearly state approved septic system inspection, cleaning filters, provide maintenance as required, and if equipped, active online monitoring. After the completion of an inspection, a copy of the inspection is provided to the customer and reports are filed with appropriate government and state agency.  A standard inspection includes 4 hours for inspection and drive time combined.  Prices $350-500.00 by location and system.

Any time over 4 hours during an inspection or other repairs required are billed at parts+15% and time at $120/hr.

Extra cost for helpers apply at $20/hour. At least 15% will be added to all invoices we receive on subcontracted work to cover any liability and time involved per hourly rate.

Lab Tests required are billed at price plus 15% for sampling and handling. Usually $60-120 depending on testing required. If we deliver to the laboratory we will add driving time from portal to portal. In the field and on site sampling and testing fee - $50.00

Emergency Calls: Minimum $200 for first 2 hours and then at $120/hr hourly rate from portal to portal

If your septic system is equipped with Online Monitoring (such as an Advantex Orenco AX-RT, AX20-RT or AX20 Unit) please add $40 per year. Active 24hr monitoring is recommended as it helps to reduce the cost of expensive repairs detecting them before they become an emergency.

Root intrusion in septic systems is very common, and a very expensive repair, sometimes requiring an entire new drain field or whole entire septic system.

We recommend ROOTX as a safe and cost effective way of first treating/preventing roots in a system. Roots in a septic system can easily cost $2000 or more in replacement of sewer lines. If you think roots are getting in your system or have trees on or near the sewer line, it is a good idea to use a 2lb treatment of Root X once in a while to keep system pipes clear. One 2lb kit  costs $55 and one $15 funnel is required for mixing. If we do this during an inspection no other cost apply. If we need to come back for a service call there will be a time and mileage fee from portal to portal.

It's recommend 1 treatment for small root intrusion and to reapply treatments or try 4lbs or 6lbs for larger root issues. More application maybe required over time if the root causing plants continue to grow. Roots killed may also block up the septic lines. Preventing roots is best .

Alternative Septic Systems


Called Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems (AOSS)

 An alternative septic system is a system that is different from the common traditional style septic system. An alternative system is required when the site and soil conditions on a property are limiting, or when the wastewater strength is too strong for the receiving environment  

Alternative septic systems are different from conventional


Alternative systems “clean” the wastewater before going to the drain field.  Thus Alternative systems require less soil for a drainfield because the water leaving an AOSS is cleaner, the drainfield can be smaller, and closer to water table and other soil limitations. 

With conventional septic systems, the soil is “cleaning” the wastewater just as much as the septic tank. With alternative systems, 95% of the “cleaning” is taking place in the advanced treatment unit, which is a tank or container with pumps, blower and/or filtering media some having recirculation tanks and computer and internet connected monitoring.

Alternative Septic Systems Require Maintenance


Alternative septic systems require a variety maintenance because they are more advanced. Septic system maintenance is key to operating as designed and producing a clean effluent. More equipment, different processes.  Aerobic septic systems are sufficiently complex systems in a sensitive environment.  Improperly functioning alternative systems affect public health and welfare.  The risk of failure is high if they are not properly maintained. 

Routine maintenance & septic inspection by a licensed operator (or service provider) optimizes treatment and dispersal, reduces the likelihood of costly repairs, and protects the environment (surface water and ground water).  The Virginia Department of Health has performance requirements for alternative systems. The owner must follow the system’s Operation and Maintenance Manual, and have the system inspected by a licensed operator at least annually.

Alternative Septic System Contract


A service agreement for an alternative septic system is a recurring annual signed agreement between the septic system owner and a licensed system maintenance professional. The licensed professional routinely cares for your system based upon manufacturers specifications. Providing septic system maintenance can keep you system running smooth without any interruptions in life. Aerobic septic systems  produce an effluent that is often 99% cleaner then traditional septic system, provided the septic system maintenance is kept up to date. Septic pump repair and replacement is an emergency call, often to determine the cause for failure and repair the pump if possible. Septic pump repair usually requires two trips to the home and may require a pump truck to pump down the tanks. It may also require an excavator to repair plumbing.

All septic systems require maintenance, and the health department's rational in requiring contracts. Alternative systems are more complicated with more chances for failure, which poses a greater risk to public health and the environment. Having your system monitored by a licensed professional reduces risk for potential system failures. This in turn saves you money by reducing the risk for large costly problems, and protects the environment from potential harm. 

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We love to serve our customers, so feel free to setup a visit for a yearly inspection of your septic system. If you choose a yearly service agreement for inspection of  your system, you will get the best service we can provide for the system you have, guaranteed.

Services we can offer include minor repairs, cleaning, sludge estimation and septic pump determination, filing governmental agency health reports and collecting samples for testing for state requirements.

If you received a letter from the state warning of compliance with new state laws, you may be facing fines for being delinquent in inspecting your system.  We recommend keeping your system under a yearly inspection to minimize repair cost and keep your drain in the home and drain field working worry free for years to come.  If not inspected yearly, you may be due for expensive repairs when it does get inspected.

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